Thank you for checking my about page. My name is Alex and the editor for this site, CoffeeAbode.com.

My love story with Coffee started since college days, where I drank in substantial amount (probably in excess) to combat my deadly foes, the books.

Since then, my interest in the beverage itself grew with time and I began scouring places for all types of coffee.

Like most, I started with common coffee-shops such as Star *cough bucks and the likes.

Coffee In A Plastic Bag

Ice Coffee In A Plastic Bag

In the beginning, I love ice blended coffees with loads of sugar to perk myself up - check out the latte blend if you haven't already =). Then, I moved on to pure black coffee to taste the originality of the beans.

Vietnam Phin

A Phin =)

Fast forward to a decade later, I moved on to making my own coffee fixes with espresso machines, drip coffee maker and even a Phin.

Also, when I do get the chance, I travel around the globe to try out different coffees.

With that said, I dare not say I know everything about Coffee but whatever I know, I look forward to sharing with you!

After all, life is a journey isn't it? 😉

Do hang around and talk soon!

To Coffee

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