What Are The Best 4 Cup Coffee Makers?

best 4 cup coffee maker

Understand that not all of us have the patience to wait for a 12 cup carafe to finish brewing. With a smaller footprint, faster brewtime, 4 cups coffee makers are gaining popularity for all the good reasons. Don’t be too hasty in getting one. Like prudent investments, you will need to weed out the best among the giants. In our opinion, the best 4 cup coffee maker should allow one to make their own coffee fast and hassle-free.

What do we mean exactly?

Why Are 4 Cups Coffee Maker Gaining Massive Fans?

4 cup coffee makers are a massive problem solver that sits nicely in a sweet spot. It makes a significant amount of coffee at one time. But, yet not so much to cause wastage.

Combined that with a self-timer setting on a lot of the machines that can automatically brew, it means that you will be waiting for less time for your morning brew. The machines ability to hold a larger amount of coffee at one time means you will be able to have the coffee available to you whenever you want with ease.

These types of machine would be suited to either multiple users or simply one person who doesn’t like waiting for their cup of coffee. The way that it holds coffee means that you can stagger the amount you drink throughout the day. The freshness of the coffee definitely stands out as there is freshly brewed coffee at any time of the day.

People who are using this machine for themselves will find that they will love being able to have coffee quickly at any time of the day, for multiple people or even if you’re using it on your own.

5 Best 4 Cups Coffee Makers

Of all of the coffee machines on the market, 4 cup machines are good for the money as they can fit in with anyone’s lifestyle. With so many options out there, these are your best bets.

This machine has many different components that add to your coffee drinking experience.

With a partly transparent water reservoir that holds 4 cups of coffee worth of water, you will be able to see when to refill after your coffee has brewed. It means you don’t have to guess or fiddle around with taking it out.

The glass carafe is machine washable so you can easily wash it when not using it and the filter is extremely easy to clean with an easy to open function.

Its pause and start function means you can start it and stop it whenever you want if you do not wish to wait for all 4 cups of coffee to be brewed without it affected the rest of the batch.

Not forgetting to mention, the removable filter basket makes cleaning really easy. Dishwasher safe means you can submerge it in the cleaning agent and just rinse it out afterwards.

Overall, it is an extremely affordable machine and good for someone who just wants a simple cup of coffee with functions that are easy to use.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Pause & Serve function
  • Water indicator light
  • Removable filter basket
  • Auto carafe warmer

This 4 cup coffee machine comes in both black and pink, so you can choose depending on the color scheme of your kitchen.

With many of the components made out of stainless steel you will not struggle to keep it clean. And a wipe down will get rid of most of the residue of old coffee after each use.

The built in pause button that allows the user to pause when in use, for fresh coffee when it is still being made.

For a very compact machine it is simple to fill up, use and clean, and the speed that it takes to fill up can be as little as 6 minutes. The heat of the machine is perfect to get the optimum temperature needed for an enjoyable brew.


  • Brew & Pause feature
  • 30 min auto shutoff feature
  • Small & compact

Mr Coffee’s programmable coffee maker allows you to set a timer so you can wake up to the fresh taste of coffee every morning without having to wait around.

As it is fully automatic, minimal effort on your part is needed and you can spend more time in bed and less time worrying about your coffee.

Mr Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

This machine manages to deliver piping hot coffee and can be placed on the side in a kitchen, in a small office, or even just on a desk. This small size can be a burden as the wire connected to the plug is quite small, so you will not be able to have the machine away from any plug sockets.

As with any appliances. Due to wear and tear, the plastic can break but this shouldn’t affect it too much. The water reservoir allows you to know how much water is left in at any given point, so you will know when to fill it up easily. It means you can spend less time worrying about the coffee and more time drinking it.  

This machine is perfect for anyone who wants to have their coffee with ease and the uncomplicated instructions will not leave a bitter taste in your mouth.


  • Programmable timer
  • Compact
  • Brew, pause & serve feature
  • On / off indicator light
  • Removable filter basket

Braun’s easy to use machine comes with a perfect drip method that will have a massive effect on your coffee. The taste is extraordinary and will be perfect at any time of the day.

It is a very easy to maintain machine with a cord holder so when you are not using it, it does not look a mess.

Overflow protection in the filter means that you will not cause any accidental mess when using the machine on a regular basis and you will not have to worry about your machine overflowing without you noticing.

Just be careful as the carafe may be harder to pour from. So, try not to ruin your morning cup of coffee by overfilling it or even by just spilling it all over your counter.

The machine itself is sturdy and will last day to day wear, but it can unfortunately get extremely hot so beware. Its smart aesthetic will look good anywhere and would be a great addition to anyone’s kitchen or office.


  • Warming plate
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Filter basket overflow protection feature
  • Water level indicator
  • Pause and serve function

This second machine from Braun is a bit more updated than the KF12WH. It has a simpler aesthetic and even has a clock so you know what time it is when staring at it in the morning.

The automatic on and off settings allow you to not worry about the coffee machine and just let it do its thing.

You will have fresh tasting coffee whenever you need it, just programme it to do so. With an anti-drip function, you can pause mid-way through a brew and not make a massive mess, saving you a mess that can sometimes be caused with other machines.

Braun’s PureFlavour system allows you to have great tasting coffee every time, night or day. With a very fast brew time, you can enjoy your coffee extremely quickly. Its small size means that you can place it anywhere and it looks good and more importantly, does not take up much space.

However, it does have a small area where it can be improved. The water level indicator is situated in the water reservoir itself, at the top of the machine. Hence, it can be hard to determine the water level at any given point in time.

Overall, this machine is a solid machine.


  • Automatic on/off
  • PureFlavor systems
  • Programmable timer
  • Intuitive digital controls


4 cup coffee machines are very popular and there are many machines out there. The best overall would be the Mr Coffee 4 cup programmable coffee maker.

This is due to the ease of using it. You can programme it for your coffee to be ready at any time of the day. It would be perfect for one person or multiple people.

As a very affordable machine, it is good for beginner or expert coffee makers who just want a morning coffee waiting for them when they wake up. The way you can fill it up quickly means that anyone can do it efficiently so everyone can have the coffee they love.

With many functions for you to get your favourite type of coffee, you will not go wrong with this machine and it will become an instant favourite amongst anyone  and everyone who buys it.

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