What Are The Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew?

best coffee grinder for cold brew

Imagine yourself holding a cup of iced, chilled cold brew in your hand while strolling along the road in a warm summer afternoon. For most of us, this just might be the most convenient salvation that we needed to combat the extreme heat. Have you ever wondered what goes into making that little cup of relief that you just bought at that little coffee shop around the corner?

What Is Cold-Brew Coffee And What Type Of Grounds Should I Use?

Cold-brew coffee is made using cold or room temperature water which will extract the natural taste and aroma of the coffee grounds over time, and is then strained before consuming. This is a different method from simply brewing coffee and add ice and results in a different taste. Kind of counter-intuitive if you are not aware.

it is not quick to prepare as well. Cold-brew coffee can take twelve to twenty-four hours to brew, so preparation is required beforehand. This brewing method can results in a deep tasting coffee. Without a heat factor in the brewing process, the brewed coffee is less acidic which makes it more flavorful, with its subtle tastes becoming more distinguished.

Since cold-brew coffee has never been hot, its chemistry won’t change. This means that, once you have removed the coffee grounds, your flavor is locked in and won’t taste like old coffee

Ideally, cold-brew coffee should be made from freshly ground coffee beans, which preserves even more freshness and flavor for your cup.

Medium to coarse coffee grounds are recommended for cold-brew coffee. The coarser the grounds, the better; finer grounds will brew faster but are likely to result in a cloudy or over-extracted coffee. If it doesn’t make sense to you, remember, the slower the process, the coarser the grounds.

Best Cold Brew Coffee Grinders To Start With?

Okay great. I know the grounds needed but how do I get that? There are many coffee grinders on the market, it can be challenging to narrow down the search for a coffee grinder that works for cold-brew coffee.

Check these out for we taken the work out of your day.

This electric coffee grinder is equipped with a commercial grade steel conical burr mechanism, one of the most highly recommended types of coffee grinders.

The encasing is durable and easy to clean, and conveniently has a built-in timer, which is great for those who have busy schedules to contend with.

This coffee grinder has a minimal footprint for an electric model, while still having sixteen different grind settings to choose from.

While this coffee grinder does include fine grind settings, eight of its settings are in the regular to coarse range. Its mechanics do grind more slowly than other similar models, preventing heating your coffee beans or creating static buildup.

Both the bean and ground compartments on this coffee grinder are transparent, so you can easily keep an eye on the quantities of coffee you grind and limit leftovers or waste.

This coffee grinder is equipped with large compartments, holding over 8oz of beans and up to 4oz of coffee grounds, which is beneficial for anyone who needs to serve larger groups.



  • Quiet and precise
  • Unit comes apart for easy cleaning (Cleaning brush included)
  • Commercial grade mechanism
  • Prevents overheating of coffee beans
  • Small footprint
  • Precision grinding is slower
  • Electric model means it is less portable despite its small size

This manual coffee grinder is built with a ceramic conical burr.

Eighteen coarseness settings for a variety of brewing methods are built-in, including grind sizes ideal for cold-brew and even French press coffee (which requires an even more coarse grind than cold-brew).

This mean this will allow you to tweak the grind size to your liking. It produces a consistent grind, and is extremely lightweight and portable, making it advantageous for those who want to benefit from their coffee grinder at work or while traveling.

When in use, this coffee grinder is quiet and efficient. The crank and mechanism pieces are removable for easy cleaning and storage afterward, and a cleaning brush is included. A silicon ring adds to the durability and stability of this coffee grinder and can protect tables or counters from scratches.

With its compact size and efficiency, this coffee grinder may be an excellent choice for individuals or couples who won’t need to grind copious amounts of coffee beans at once.



  • Affordable price point
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes a waterproof travel bag and a cleaning brush
  • Crank is easy to use
  • Efficient (can grind enough for one cup in 20-30 seconds)
  • Bean and ground compartment may be too small for some

FitMaker’s manual coffee grinder is built with ceramic combination (flat and conical) burrs.

The ceramic has passed multiple professional-grade inspections and has been proven to be much more durable and long-lasting than the stainless steel blades often found in coffee grinders today.

It is equipped with adjustable grind settings from fine to coarse, which is great for fine-tuning the grind size to your liking. The grinders simple hand crank and rounded triangular design makes the unit easy to grip, easy to travel or camp with, and easy to operate.

The hand crank was designed with a screw attachment so it won’t fall off while you grind your coffee, and the crank can be folded back when stored. The lower compartment for coffee grounds is completely clear, which is excellent for those who want to prevent grinding more coffee than they need.

Overall, the extremely reasonable price point, compact size and non-grid dependant manual grinder is great for outdoor enthusiasts.



  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • The manual design doesn’t need electricity
  • Durable enclosure
  • Small compartments not ideal for serving groups

This coffee grinder is made using premium-grade stainless steel.

It comes equipped with a simple click grind setting design with over eighteen settings from coarse to fine. It has a conical ceramic burr mill.

Its reinforced stainless steel hand crank has a unique screw-on design, so it won’t slip off of the grinder while in use but can be removed easily to conserve storage space.

This coffee grinders design is much more durable than many others in its class. Its internal pieces are built with long-lasting industrial grade nylon, rather than the typically used plastic.

During use, it is portable and quiet. Combined with its manual operation design which doesn’t need batteries or electricity, it may be an excellent benefit for campers, travellers, or anyone in need of a good coffee grinder for small brews and outdoors. It can grind approximately four tablespoons at a time, which can make it an excellent choice for solo coffee drinkers or couples.

This heavy duty coffee grinder matched with its affordable price point may be an excellent fit for many coffee fuelled lifestyles.



  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • A coffee measure with bag clip and a cleaning brush are included
  • Bean and ground compartment may be too small for some (not ideal for groups)

This durable coffee grinder is equipped with a body and hand crank made of high-quality stainless steel, and a durable ceramic burr grinder for extra long-lasting sharpness.

An extra burr is also included in case of accidental damage, which is convenient since ceramic burrs can be costly to replace.

This manual coffee grinder has an easy-to-use grind size selection which is operated by a simple knob, and a silicone grip which may make this grinder more comfortable to grip and operate compared to some other coffee grinders in its class.

The coffee bean container itself is graded for easy measuring without scoops or spoons, and a silicone lid is included to seal and store any extra grounds that may be left in the ground compartment.

This may be a great benefit for those who want to grind their coffee at home and enjoy it while on the go or at work. A velvet bag is included to easily pack and store or pack the grinder away.



  • Easy and quiet operation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • No need for batteries or electricity
  • Minimalist design
  • The compartment may be too small to serve groups efficiently
  • Grind settings may not be equally consistent

Final Choice

Each of these grinders has multiple settings and will allow you to adjust the coarseness of your grind to your liking. If what you considering is only cold brew. Then you would be better off using the Lucky Son model.

Affordable and get the job done. Comes with extra goodies like coffee measure with bag clip. It is particularly value for money. Now, it may become much more simple to make a perfect cup of cold-brew coffee at home.

If you are using it more at home and wants to get the job done without exhausting any effort, then consider the Capresso model.

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