What Are The Best Coffee Grinder For French Press?

best coffee grinder for french press

Since the dawn of time, throughout history places which had native coffee cultivating culture have been using coffee for (mostly) recreational purposes. While at times it was a high-end luxury, in today's ever-smaller world due to advanced logistics, coffee is produced almost everywhere locally or the import is relatively cheap so its use is wider than ever.

The modern world is really high paced and many people (including myself) require a form of "jump start" to the day to get it on the right foot. A proper cup of coffee is my personal as well as many people's choice.

Why French Press Coffee?

People who enjoy a deeper taste of coffee with a strong scent present will go for this.

To do this, french press uses coarser beans. Coffee brewed from coarse coffee beans takes a little longer to make than the one with a finer grind (let's say, an espresso for an example) but has a much more welcoming taste and a strong, almost idyllic smell and aroma.

Coarse coffee is usually not mixed with sugar or milk like a fine ground coffee like espresso and even if you choose to add sugar, people tend to go to alternatives such as brown (unrefined) sugar to retain that strong coffee taste and smell they wanted in the first place.

The original design for brewing coarse beans coffee, called French press was invented and patented in 1929 by the Italian designer Attilio Calimani. Of course, the original (now archaic) design has been modified and people can enjoy a coarse coffee brewed that's not exclusive to a French press, nor with the archaic methods of applying force, but by simply pressing a button.

Best 5 Coffee Grinder For French Presses

To feed grounds to your french press, you need a grinder. You need one that can grind beans coarse to suit it. Hence, we take a look at 5 that can do that.

This coffee grinder is a great choice for coarse coffee, but are not exclusive to it. Comes with 15 grind option setting, you can manually adjust its grinding level.

As such, it is capable of producing a French press coarse level of ground coffee, with available options for medium grind (drip coffee) or even an espresso with the fine grind setting turned on.

The bean hopper is removable even when there are beans inside, making it easy to put on the weighing scale to add your beans. Makes a mistake halfway? The manual override allows you to change your mind.

Tired of flying grounds due to static build-up. Great news. This machine generate little to no static. What does this means? No Mess! Seriously. The last thing I want to is to clean my table top when I am already rushing for time.


  • Little to no static
  • 15 grind settings
  • Removable hopper

This coffee grinder is a no frills, simple coffee grinder that can produce coarse coffee grounds suitable for a French press coffee.

The design seems to be starkly different from others. Though, note that the design does not do anything, except looking pretty.

With adjustable settings for medium and fine grind. You can have your occasional drip coffee or the fast-paced espresso on the weekends or after work.

You can manually adjust the speed of which it should grind the coffee for your desired type of coffee. For info, the manually adjustable speeds are 3.5g per sec for fine and 5.5g per sec for coarse. Relatively fast.

While it does require a tad more manual dabbling with the settings to produce the desired coffee compared to more automatic types of grinders, this model has an upside that it's really low maintenance.

Overall, it is a simple burr model offering an upgrade to your blade grinder if you are still using it.


  • Simple, no frills
  • Unique design
  • Easy to clean

This coffee maker is yet again, another member of the family of quality coffee grinders with geared towards coarse coffee.

This coffee maker can make from two to eighteen cups of coffee, depending on how you set it.

The grinding strength is totally adjustable, from heavy coarse to medium drip coffee and fine for espresso.

There are 2 dials to set your grind. One of it allows you to choose the size of the coffee grind between 15 settings. The second let you choose the duration of grind in 6 preset time; 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 300 seconds.

Unfortunately, this model does have its downsides. This machines will have static build up; so expect a more tedious clean up routine. You can mitigate this by adding a few drops of water to the beans in the hopper. Also, it is relatively noisy depending on your tolerance. But well, for the price, it is definitely bearable.


  • Makes up to 18 cups
  • Safety lock
  • UL certified

This quality coffee grinder is a more robust variant of a coffee grinder with a coarse coffee beans grinding and brewing options.

Compared to the others, this model can grind nuts, spices and chop vegetables as well. 

Well, not that I need those functions but why complain when there is more features, right?

Relatively durable, it can last you upwards to years if you maintain it properly. Made from stainless steel, inner and outer. That being said, with little to no maintenance, even with the occasional drop or hit this coffee maker should last you for years.

This is a blade grinder, which, technically produce less consistent grounds compared to a burr grinder but very much easier to clean. So there is a give and take here. Generally, this is a cheaper alternative that can get the job done and more.


  • Blade grinder
  • Easier to clean
  • Added functionality to grind nuts and chop vegetables

Okay, did the blade gets to you for the previous one? Then this variant is the burr version by Secura.

This model not only excelled in its functionality but in material construction and aesthetic beauty as well.

This is an all around coffee grinder with a total of eighteen grinding settings, being capable of producing from heavy coarse French press coffee to an ultra fine espresso and anything and everything in between to suit your needs.

It comes with coffee container, the one for coffee beans holding up to 8 ounces and the one with the coffee grounds up to 5 ounces.

This produces consistent grinds, which is kind of the point for burr grinders. After it done the job, it will automatically shuts off when you remove the ground container. The conical burr grinder is easy to remove and place, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Yep, there is still static with this but it can be resolved by once again, adding a couple drops of water into the beans before grinding can alleviate it.


  • 18 grind settings
  • Removable conical burr grinder
  • Auto shut off


We have went through all 5 of them and if you still have difficulty choosing one of them. Give the Gourmia GCG185 a whirl. The relatively inexpensive price will let you get a step into grinding without burning a hole in your pocket.

The UL certification gives assurance to beginners that (and us) that they won’t hurt themselves in the process. So till next time.

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