What Are The Best Electric Coffee Percolators?

best electric coffee percolator

One of the greatest joys in life is being able to make the coffee you like without having to pay too much for it – on an everyday basis. There is no better feeling than waking up early in the morning and enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the news or reading your timeline.

A Brief History Of Percolators

It feels even better if you are making this coffee in a classic, old-school way, which was almost abandoned for about 60 years, but now has risen in popularity again. For years it was like a dying art to make coffee by using a percolator.

To be historically correct, in the ‘40s and ‘50s, they were making coffee using the simple coffee percolator.

Nowadays, an electric one is certainly more appropriate, as it saves you time from having to boil the water on your own and it integrates fragments of the modern world with classic coffee making machines.

I'm sure I don't have to mention all the great attributes a coffee maker provides to the house, as if you are a coffee lover, you already know that pretty well. What I can do, however, is provide you some information about the electric coffee percolator and what it brings to the table. 

Electric coffee percolator: The Comeback 

As I mentioned before, the use of percolators was really common during the ‘40s and ‘50s, but for some decades the more modern ways of brewing coffee that had appeared – such as drip coffee – put percolators on the sidelines.

Of course, as the years passed, coffee lovers came to appreciate the stronger and deeper flavors this old-school, but really stylish, coffee makers can produce.

How Does It Work?

Let me start by explaining to you how an electric coffee percolator works because I’m pretty sure that most of you are not entirely aware of what this process entails.

First of all, the electric coffee percolator comes in five parts:

The pitcher, a stem that goes inside of the pot, the coffee brewer where you place the coffee grounds, the top of the brewer that contains a bunch of holes for the water to drip through and the lid that goes on top.

Making coffee in these machines is pretty simple, as it just a five-step process:

  1. First, you place the water inside, note that it is always better if you use filtered water.
  2. Then, you place your favorite flavor of ground coffee inside the brewer, by using a scoop. If you don’t have a scoop keep in mind that the ratio of regular tablespoons is 1 scoop equals 2 tablespoons. How much coffee you want to brew is totally subjective and depends on how strong you like your coffee, but it’s generally accepted that 2 cups of coffee require 1 scoop.
  3. Place the top of the brewer. Keep in mind that filters are totally optional, it works absolutely fine without them. Nevertheless, you can include a filter because sometimes, depending on how you grinding your coffee, you can get some pretty fine grounds and these grounds have a tendency to work their way down into the pot. Also, if you are worried about cholesterol the filter will filter out the oils in the coffee.
  4. Make sure you seal the lid that goes on top of the pot.
  5. Plug in the device. Check again that you have sealed the lid on top of the pot because if you haven’t the coffee will start to jump off the pot and onto your floor, as it happened with that guy. Well, despite that little mistake at the end of the video, the walk-through is pretty solid, so you can check it out to see in person how easy it is to make coffee in an electric percolator.

Can't be bothered to read? How about just sit back and watch?

5 Best Electric Coffee Percolator You Should Consider

Making sure you have bought the perfect electric coffee percolator for your style and taste is no easy task. There are certainly numerous choices that are really great, depending on your style and personality.

Of course, choosing which electric percolator you should buy is a totally subjective process, but if you are looking for some help here are five of the best available electric percolators that you will find in the market:

First up is the Capresso 403.05. An electric coffee percolator that will be appreciated for the bold and deep flavors of the percolated coffee.

Also, it is constructed with a view-through glass, which allows you to see all the hypnotizing process of the coffee brewing, something really special.

Moreover, when the coffee procedure is done a blue light appears that lets you know it’s time to unplug it.

This would be perfect for someone that loves good coffee, but also wants to witness the whole procedure of coffee making.



  • Brews 4-8 cups, one cup at a minute
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Locking lid at the top, so extra safety is insured
  • Stainless construction that provides extra durability
  • Blue light indicator informs you when the procedure is done
  • Longer perk time

Another option that someone has to consider if thinking of buying an electric coffee percolator is the Presto 02811.

Once you find the right balance in the ingredients used, this coffee maker produces consistently great coffee. 

Even compared to the types of dripping, pour-over, french press and etc.

This one works with great speed and quality, as the center heater element at the bottom is made from aluminum, something that provides better and faster heat transfer.

Moreover, it is great if you have a family or you love sharing your caffeine addiction with your friends, as it can make 12 cups of coffee at one brewing cycle.



  • Can brew up to 12 cups of coffee at one brewing cycle
  • Good quality steel and aluminum
  • Keeps the coffee warm for some time after the brewing is completed
  • Kind of heavy, difficult to carry around
  • Relatively harder to clean

Same company, but the Presto 02822 covers different needs if you exclude the need for great coffee.

If you are unaware, Presto percolators are usually know for making really great coffee.

It can make 6 cups of coffee at about 8 minutes, and the coffee stays hot as long as you have the machine plugged in.

One great attribute of this electric percolator is that it can also make smaller cups of coffee, without the coffee being weaker.

One important aspect of this machine is that while the coffee is being brewed it makes the traditional percolator sound, something that adds a sense of tradition in your cuisine.



  • Really great coffee
  • Traditional, old-school outlook
  • Automatic keep-warm mode
  • No indicator on the percolator

This Farberware Percolator 4 is certainly the type of electric coffee percolator for travelers.

The pot is small and light enough to be pack into a carry luggage. This model also works well without a need for filter.

While this is touted to make cups of coffee, I prefer to think that 2 cups is much safer assumption. One small area that the perc could do better is to have an indicator light to show when it is finished.

It is really easy to carry around and really quick to make tasteful and aromatic coffee, as it follows the one cup per minute type. Moreover, it is really stylish and small and can fit in every apartment.

Overall,  a sturdy, convenient model for the frequent traveler.



  • Easy to carry around
  • Really fast coffee making ability
  • Makes really hot coffee
  • Thin stainless steel base, may cause staining
  • Pricey

Last, but not least at all the Hamilton Beach 40616.

This electric coffee percolator is really heavy, but has the ability to brew 12 cups of perfectly fine coffee in minutes.

In addition, it is also able to make consistent, piping hot brews.

Moreover, it has the traditional look and makes the classic percolator sound when the coffee is being brewed something that really adds on.

This model is also made entirely of stainless steel except for the handle and lid knob to avoid scalding yourself.

Also really easy to clean after each use, something really important for the machines of that size and weight

Overall, it is a value for money product if all you want is a simple, hot and nice coffee.



  • 12 cups of coffee at a really fast time
  • Traditional look, classic percolator sound
  • Keeps the coffee warm despite its size
  • Very easy to clean
  • Quite heavy
  • The top of the brewer might get separated during the process


Every electric percolator that is recommended above is really solid and the final choice solely depends on subjective matters.

As in what you prioritize your coffee machine to have, except making great coffee - something that is pretty much common in all the electric percolators that I proposed.

Well, which one to choose first? And the winner is.. Presto 02822

Why? I prefer not to have to wait for a full brewing cycle to complete before I get to taste my coffee.

Also, this percolator makes exactly as many cups of coffee as I would like my coffee maker to make. It’s small and easy to clean and not very heavy, so I can bring it along during vacations.

Most importantly, it makes really great coffee and can keep it warm for a good amount of time.

To sum this up, electric coffee percolators are the new must for a passionate coffee lover and whichever machine you choose at the end, it will certainly have a really positive effect on your coffee lifestyle.

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