What Are The Best Iced Coffee or Cold Brew Makers?

best iced coffee maker

Coffee has been around since forever, gaining more and more popularity throughout history as its accessibility increased. In today's hectic and fast-paced world, many people don't even want to leave their home before enjoying a nice cup of ground coffee.

While most coffee purchased in the market is already nicely grounded, when consuming their coffee, people prefer to have the coffee dissolve as best as possible so they can enjoy the homogeneous taste of their morning cup. If you're a coffee lover and you find properly preparing it tedious., iced coffee makers are here to help.

What Is Iced Coffee?

Do not confuse ice coffee with cold brew. They sounds the same but the method in making them are wholly different.

Iced coffee is simply, a cooled coffee with ice. This method requires the coffee to be brewed hot first then add ice to make the drink. The latter method requires strong coffee to allow dilution.

Cold brew, on the other hand, is made without hot coffee. It can be brewed cold and as such, not requiring cooling (somewhat like an infusion method).

For the purpose of this article, we will cover both types. Maybe we will called it - ice brew.

Types Of Ice Brew

There are many types of iced coffee, having the iced latte and iced mocha as popular examples. Iced coffee can be enhanced with many additives, from sugar to alcohol. Most common additions to iced coffee are sugar and milk, sometimes types of chocolate or creams (caramel or whipped cream for an example) and even alcohol.

Different people has a taste for different variations of iced coffee, from the brewing method to the alternative substance addition. People who like their coffee strong with a dominant coffee aroma, commonly referring to "feeling the smell of the whole grains" would likely drink it without additives to better feel the coffee.

While people who like it sweet will likely add sugar and milk. For people who are willing to go an extra step to prepare their coffee or are enjoying one in a coffee shop might even add or order one with whipped cream and a sprinkle of liquid chocolate for extra flavor.

For after work hours or the weekend, people might even go to a coffee shop and order an iced coffee with a tad of alcohol, the most common one being "the Irish coffee".

Best 5 Coffee Makers To Make Ice Brews

Below, we will take a look at the top 5 that we believe can make ice brews; using either methods described above. The brew hot and cool method or brew cold.

For the brew hot and cool method (ice coffee), it is important that the machine makes coffee strong enough to withstand dilution by ice. If you choose to use ice to cool it faster.

We will cover both types below: so not to worry.

This coffee maker has a 12-cup glass carafe, so its volume is rather large.

It looks good for an office environment where a lot of people are going to be drinking coffee, even when more than one serving.

The volume is rather too large for a home environment as not only brewing that much coffee will likely lead to an improper cooling of the coffee, making the quality of the coffee tank. Not to mention, drinking that much coffee in one sitting really isn't healthy.

Luckily, not only that this iced coffee maker has an outer water gauge which lets you determine how much water you want to put in, it also has a non-stick coated plate to keep the coffee warm, so that's a plus.

It also has a programmable timer which lets you set the exact time when you want the coffee ready (it sets the appropriate temperature for faster or slower brewing), meaning it requires no supervision while it's making the coffee.

If you're in a rush for your first cup, there's a pause and serve option so you can pour your first cup and cool it first before continuing with the rest.


  • Up to 12 Cups
  • Outer water gauge
  • Programmable timer
  • Pause and serve option

The volume of this coffee maker is 40 ounces. Which to me looks like a really good benchmark of volume for people who need a coffee maker for personal use.

Otherwise, it is suitable for small families.

The relatively low volume means that the prepared coffee will be consumed in only two or three servings (depending on which mode you chose, the 8 oz. Coffee or the 1.35 oz. Espresso).

In retrospect, this also means that the coffee will retain the proper temperature when served as even if you do want a few more servings, the initial volume will be consumed fast, leaving no leverage for loss of quality to the coffee due to temperature. After that, you just fill the tank again and simply start the maker again.

A nice feature of this iced coffee maker is the fact that it has a "9-minute auto-turnoff" mode, meaning that after the coffee's brewed, the coffee maker turns off naturally and simply retains the coffee temperature instead of over-brewing it.

Overall, it is a brewer that makes strong coffee and requires no supervision.


  • 40 ounces (about 5 - 8 cups)
  • Auto turn off feature
  • Good for personal use

This coffee maker is based on a previous product (it's predecessor per se). 

As such, it offers some improved features, having the developers of this product reconcile with the errors and feedback from customers of their previous product.

The main feature of improvement is its improved filter with a fine mesh, as well as the container being airtight, keeping all of the flavors as intact as they can be. Its volume is 32 oz. meant for 4 servings (8 oz per serving), so it's a coffee maker with a relatively small container for people who enjoy a strong coffee in low quantities.

For people in an office or for a family of multiple generations with multiple coffee drinkers, the small volume may prove to be a problem. The convenience aspects of this coffee maker include its ability to fit into most refrigerator doors (except very small or portable refrigerators), as well as being dishwasher and BPA safe.

This should cement the idea that it's meant for personal use or for a family of two generations in which only the parents are coffee drinkers. It is made in USA.


  • Brew cold
  • Made for 4 servings
  • Dishwasher and BPA safe


A more humble representation of the iced coffee makers assortment.

This iced coffee maker presents itself as a simple non high-tech coffee maker that can prepare coffee (with full volume) in a minute.

A big plus is that it chills the coffee as fast as it makes it. In an around a minute, it supposedly chills the whole volume of coffee from its boiling hot point to a nice iced coffee (and with no dilution due to proper airlock mechanisms).

This ice coffee maker is not coffee exclusive as it can be used for whiskey, wine and tea. This makes it a much more flexible variant of an ice coffee maker for people who want a machine of this sorts with multiple functionalities at the price which coffee exclusive coffee makers have with some higher end automation and commodity features.

Its volume is 13.5oz so it's fairly small, almost exclusively for personal use (although taking in consideration how fast it makes and cools the coffee if you aren't bothered making a few batches, it can serve a family in which just the parents are coffee drinkers just fine).

A commodity feature is that it's dishwasher safe, so hygiene maintenance with this small coffee maker shouldn't be an issue.


  • Looks sleek
  • Fast chill
  • 13.5 ounces capacity
  • Dishwasher safe

This cold brew maker has a volume of 32 ounces.

So naturally, it's more suitable for an office environment or in a family with adult children in which both the parents and the children are coffee drinkers (perhaps even the grandparents).

You can get it for personal use but unless you're an extreme coffee drinker (which is not healthy), the coffee will usually lose quality over time before you get to use up the whole tank.

Even though usually meant for high caffeine coffee, an upside is that this coffee maker has a filter that filters acidity from the coffee, in retrospect making the coffee easier on the stomach.

As such, if you want the filter and you prefer strong coffee, you can still get it for personal use but fill the tank according to your personal needs instead of the full volume.

The one place this coffee maker shines is for the fact that after making and brewing the coffee and having it chill in the fridge for 24 to 36 hours, the airlock mechanisms function as a quality thermos and keeps the coffee cold and in high quality.

This should be an ideal choice for family who is travelling.


  • 32 ounces capacity
  • Good for Travelers
  • Quality Airlock mechanism


Say, if you have no idea which to start from. This is what we think.

For the iced coffee, check out Nespresso VertuoPlus, it makes strong coffee so it could handle dilution after you put ice in it.

For the cold brew coffee, check out the HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker. Why? Simply, because of its simplicity, yet high functionality. It's small (but large enough for multiple servings for one person).

It brews the coffee fast, it chills the coffee with equal speed and it's portable. A nice to have airlock mechanisms keep the coffee cold and tasty for a prolonged period of time.

Plus the minimalistic aesthetic beauty of it is a really big plus for me. On top of everything, if I have a cold for an example and would like some tea instead of coffee, the flexibility is there. This is for people who like something simple, effective and flexible. Till then.

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