How To Choose The Best Manual Coffee Grinders?

best manual coffee grinder

It is an irony that the faster our society becomes, the lesser time we have. Don’t you think? Similarly, the majority of coffee consumers today buy either coffee grounds or coffee pods from the supermarket. Rightly or wrongly, due to the lack of time, we are potentially ignoring the many benefits of grinding coffee beans fresh at home.

Why Do it Yourself?

Coffee beans that are pre-ground will become stale much faster, and their potential health benefits diminish much more quickly than their whole bean counterparts, even when kept in sealed packaging.

Freshly ground coffee beans will not only allow you to reap more benefits from your cup of joe, but it will also taste better. Coffee’s unique taste and aroma come from the oils and soluble flavors within the coffee beans, which will evaporate much more quickly once the beans have been ground.

Grinding your own coffee beans helps to preserve these oils, letting you enjoy a fresher, more flavorful coffee every time

Using a manual coffee grinder does mean you will manually crank your machine until your beans are ground to your liking, but their benefits far outweigh electric coffee grinders for true coffee lovers.

Most electric coffee grinders do operate at the push of a button for convenience, but won’t allow you to choose how fast the mechanism spins the blades or burrs that grind your coffee beans (more on blades and burrs coming up). The more affordable electric models often have a tendency to heat up your coffee beans, extracting some of their delicious flavors into the air instead of your cup

So in all, they are more compact and budget-friendly, they do not require electricity and they are quieter, and more portable. A lesser known, but equally important, reason is that your coffee will actually taste better, expertly extracting the richness and flavor from your favorite coffee beans reliably and consistently.

Blade Vs Burr


In our opinion, we should go for Burr Grinders as it is ideal for producing consistent grounds compared to a blade grinder. It will gives you that uniformity in your ground, which blade finds much harder to do

Without a proper quality coffee grinder (often referred to as a coffee mill) that produces consistent grounds, the hot water will not be able to fully extract all of the delicious flavors you want in your cup.

Burr coffee grinders are usually equipped with ceramic or metal plates which have small sharp ridges on the edges called burrs.

Opting for a model with ceramic plates over stainless steel gives you a more long-lasting sharp edge. However, you do need to be careful not to drop them, and they can be expensive to replace.

Stainless steel blades may require more maintenance as the burrs will eventually go dull, unlike their ceramic counterparts, but they are much more affordable when they need to be replaced.

Watch this short video for more information on the different types of grinders and burrs on the market today:

Different Variant of Manual Coffee Grinders For Specific Use

There are also three types of manual coffee grinders: antique coffee grinders, modern manual coffee grinders, and Turkish coffee grinders

Antique coffee grinders are not necessarily antiques but are designed like coffee grinders from the 1800s to the 1950s. They typically employ stainless steel burrs and have either a wood or die-cast iron enclosure.

Modern manual coffee grinders generally have an ergonomic crank and ceramic burrs and either a plastic or glass enclosure. This type of manual coffee grinder is the most current in terms of design.

Finally, Turkish coffee grinders are typically made with flat steel burrs and a metal encasing. These are the rarest type of coffee grinder; they produce an extremely fine powder which is ideal for brewing Turkish coffee but may not be suitable for other brewing methods

Each of these types of manual coffee makers is typically operated using a manual hand crank so the best option for you will depend on your needs and your preferences

The Five Best Manual Coffee Grinders

To help you better rather than letting you run around like a headless chicken. These manual grinders are what think are your best bets.

This sturdy manual coffee grinder is equipped with a conical ceramic burr which can be adjusted using the mills 18 different grind settings.

The burrs are durable and reliable, and the entire unit is static free. The grinding mechanism is smooth, and replacement parts are also included in case of accidental breakage.

It is compatible with pour-over brewers and French presses and is compact for convenient use for in or out of the home. It’s removable hand crank and traveling pouch may make it an excellent choice for traveling or camping.

It has an ergonomic design for minimal effort and can produce consistent grounds in under a minute. The grinding handle doesn’t require strength and is strong and sturdy. The included coffee measure fits perfectly into the bottom section of this grinder for easy portioning.

This manual coffee grinder is generously sized, making it easy to grind enough beans for three to four servings at once. As an added bonus, this superior quality coffee grinder is affordably priced.



  • Quiet
  • 18 grind settings
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Elegant design
  • Instruction manual may be difficult to follow for some, which could make the first use more difficult.
  • Some grind settings may be less consistent than others.

This versatile coffee grinder is very well equipped for such an affordable option. It is equipped with ceramic burrs and over 18 grind coarseness settings.

This model is compatible with a variety of brew methods, from the standard drip and pour-over options. 

Up to and including cold brew and even Turkish pot brewing which needs the finest and consistent of grounds to produce a good coffee.

It also includes a manual and a portable filter to help you experience many brewing methods at home.

The hand crank requires minimal effort and is removable, making this compact grinder even more accessible to travel with. Due to the size of the compartment in this coffee grinder, it may be a good choice for personal use rather than for serving groups.

This coffee grinder is easy to clean, separating into six parts to quickly access the chambers inside the mill.



  • Built-in window
  • Professional grade ceramic burrs
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Some grind settings may be less consistent than others
  • Grinder may be difficult to disassemble at first

This manual coffee grinder is equipped with a conical ceramic burr system and a durable stainless steel enclosure.

The grind size is both adjustable and consistent enough for a variety of brewing methods from very coarse to fine enough for Turkish pot brewing.

You can smoothly, and quietly, grind enough coffee for two mugs in just over one minute, which can make it an excellent choice for personal use or for couples.

This coffee grinder is compact, making it easier to grip and to store. It is lightweight, which is excellent for traveling, and its stainless steel construction helps prevent static build up at home or on the go.

The see-through window allows you to gauge how much coffee has been ground. While grinding, the hand crank and mill turn easily, limiting the amount of effort required to get brewing.

It is also an exceptionally affordably priced option, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality manual coffee grinder to fit a smaller budget.



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Consistent coffee grounds
  • Works with a large variety of brewing methods
  • Well-designed
  • May be too small for those who drink a lot of coffee throughout the day
  • Plastic parts inside are not as durable as the stainless steel enclosure

Kuissential’s Coffee Burr Grinder is a low-cost, simple coffee grinder that is light-weight.

It features a ceramic burr grinding system, which won’t heat up your coffee beans and will last longer than a steel burr.

It has quickly adjustable grind sizes and produces uniform coffee grounds, which is great for those looking to brew a great tasting cup of coffee or try out different brewing methods.

This manual coffee grinder is equipped with a removable non-slip silicone base, a lid to prevent coffee beans from hopping out of the grinder while in use, preventing spills while still being easy to clean.

The glass container lets you view the grounds collecting in the base. The base conveniently doubles as an airtight container to store any leftover grounds you may need to keep for later.

The grinder comes apart quickly for both storage and cleaning, which is excellent for those looking for a low-maintenance manual coffee grinder.



  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable grind size
  • Non-slip
  • Stores extra coffee grounds
  • Plastic parts are durable
  • The glass container is less durable than metal or wood alternatives
  • Hand crank may require some strength
  • May be slower than other manual grinders when on fine grind setting
  • Somewhat loud for a ceramic burr grinder

This antique style manual coffee grinder is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel burrs and a beach wood enclosure.

It features a large hopper (where the beans go) and generously sized drawer for the uniform coffee grounds it consistently produces.

Although this brand is most commonly known for their pepper mills, the robust and durable grinding mechanism in this grinder is built specifically for coffee and delivers a consistent, aromatic grind.

This manual antique coffee grinder can be set to an extremely fine grind or a coarser grind for brewing methods such as a French press, with little to no coffee dust, which is typical with electric coffee grinders.

Due to its antique style, this manual coffee grinder is more of an investment than many modern coffee grinders, but is apt to produce a superior smelling and tasting coffee and won’t overheat or clog as electric coffee grinders tend to do.



  • Durable construction
  • The hand crank is easy to use
  • Consistent grounds
  • Large compartments
  • Stainless steel burrs are inexpensive to replace
  • Grinder slides while in use if not supported
  • Coffee grounds may collect on the edge of the drawer if not level
  • Wood construction may require maintenance
  • Grind coarseness settings are not marked


With so many manual coffee grinder markets on the market, the choice you make will rely heavily on your coffee intake needs.

Each of these manual coffee grinders has proven their value. However, if you just want the fast answer. Try the Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder. It is a lightweight, easy to use, and durable coffee grinder, but it's easy compatibility with at least five different coffee brewing methods is what makes this manual coffee grinder stand out. Which should be enough for most people.

From the daily morning coffee drinker to the coffee aficionado, the Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder could be a superb addition to your coffee brewing collection.

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