How To Choose The Best Office Coffee Makers?

best office coffee maker

Office coffee breaks are a nice and simple way to replenish your energy and maybe even socialize with your coworkers. They go back in the early 1900s and within a few decades have become something like a standard workplace “rituals”. Providing your employees with office coffee is one of those simple niceties you can boost morale and make them feel appreciated.

Although free coffee is always an appreciated gesture, to really boost up office productivity, the available coffee should be - not just drinkable - but of high quality. A coffee maker that produces intestine-wrenching beverage may cause unfortunate events and end up being counter-productive. 

I really like coffee, but I don’t know what to choose for the office!

Before you start browsing coffee machines, you need to know what are the unique needs of your office in order to see whether each machine satisfies them or not. There is a vast array of machines that make good coffee, but only coffee makers actually fulfill every need an office can have, regarding the quality, quantity and cost of the coffee.

Why Drip Coffee Style?

Many caffeine lovers will wonder why drip style coffee is better than, for instance, an espresso machine, and which are the real unique perks that a drip style coffee maker provides and are essential for an office coffee machine.

The differences between a drip style coffee makers and an espresso machine can be a bit fuzzy sometimes. These are the reasons why we think that drip-style coffee makers are probably a much better option.

First of all, the most important attribute, that you want your coffee machine at the office to have, is being easy to use. Drip-style coffee makers are much more common to use and easier to understand. Having an espresso machine at the office can possibly distract people, because of the options it provides and the techniques it uses to brew coffee. You don’t want a machine that is hard to fill or use when you are desperate for that first cup. Plus, when you are at the office, time is money and you don’t want to spend it making coffee.

Most importantly, drip style coffee makers produce coffee, which contains more caffeine, something essential to power you up during the working hours. Espresso has more caffeine per unit volume than drip coffee, but because the usual serving size is much smaller, the total caffeine content is less than a mug of standard brew coffee, contrary to the common belief.

So, a coffee maker produces coffee with equal taste to an espresso machine, but also faster and with more caffeine. I think it is clear why a drip style coffee maker is what an office needs for their - more than needed - every day’s caffeine dose.  

Factors To Consider Before Rushing To Get One

Now that you know which coffee machine is the optimum solution for the office coffee, you need to consider some other factors in order to make the perfect choice of coffee maker for your workplace.

Number Of Staff

First and foremost it is important to know how many people are going to use the coffee maker. You need to pay extra attention to this part because not all people use the coffee maker with the same frequency. There is always that guy, who never stops drinking coffee that will usually refill their cup about four or five times a day, whom you need to count extra.

For example, if you are six people in the office you need to think of a coffee maker that can produce at least eight cups to be sure that you don’t have to make coffee multiple times per day.

That means that accordingly to the people that are going to be using the coffee maker, you need to pick a machine, which will produce an adequate number of cups for everyone at the office, at one brewing cycle.  

Speed Is Of Essence

One other features that you need to take into serious account is the speed with which the coffee maker produces coffee. It is very important to have in the office a coffee maker that not only makes coffee that tastes good but also makes that coffee quick.

Keep in mind that the proper temperature for brewing is from 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit and it needs to pour over the coffee in less than eight minutes. So you don’t want to buy a machine that a full brewing cycle lasts more than eight minutes, or brews at a colder temperature because then the coffee will taste sour.

Warm Carafes

For better-tasting coffee, you should always buy fresh whole beans. If you have a local roaster, give him a try. Beans are best used within a month or so of roasting.

Moreover, the best coffee makers are those who contain a thermally insulated carafe. Those carafes maintain your coffee warm for hours without cooking it further or wasting electricity.

Ease Of Cleaning

Lastly, before you decide which one to get. Take a good look at the components of the machine. Some coffee makers have many parts and can be time-consuming to clean – or spoil the taste of the coffee in case you don’t clean them often.

Our Recommendation Of 5 Best Office Coffee Makers

Making sure you have bought the perfect coffee maker for your office, is not something easy. We have gathered a list of coffee makers of various types, such as automatic drip systems, grind, and brew, single-serve pod machines, and some specialty coffee makers.

Each one has unique attributes but they all have in common that they are able to produce great coffee. Keep in mind that the final decision is always subjective, but I will try to help you by proposing five of the best available coffee makers that you can find in the market.

That is a really interesting coffee machine, which can operate both as single coffee brewer and a full coffee maker.

This coffee maker can provide the best of both worlds and will work great at small offices as it provides great features.

Such as the built-in programmable clock and timer, that lets you program an ideal single cup of coffee up to 24 hours in advance.

There won’t be staff getting coffee every hour of the day. Usually, there are only 2 or 3 peak periods during the day. The automatic shut off work wonders here in period of inactivity.

With a 12 cup carafe and a warm hot plate, there will be piping hot coffee for everyone. For a bigger office, you may want to get a couple more of this machine.

Overall, it is really stylish and will surely upgrade the overall aesthetics of your office.



  • Automatic shut off after two hours, if you forget to turn it off manually
  • Hot plate that retains the coffee hot after brewing
  • Contains a 12 cup glass carafe
  • Stylish
  • Takes considerably long time to clean
  • Distracts with the single brewer function

This unit is a solid coffee machine that looks great and proves great cups of coffee.

This coffee maker is better suited for offices that have a kitchen, as it not a compact machine and it will take some space at your counter-top. 

It is also pretty tall so make sure it can fit underneath your cabinets.

Despite its size, it is one of the great office solutions in the market. It can produce up to 12 cups and has a nice and sturdy handle.

Moreover, it has an adjustable heating plate, which you can set to low, medium or high with the hit of a button. That is a really neat feature that not many coffee makers have.



  • Programmable so you can set the time you want the coffee to brew
  • Auto shutoff feature, you can set it from 0-4 hours after the brewing is finished
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Fresh coffee flavor due to the charcoal and gold tone filters
  • Lid is not flipped up, that is a little bit inconvenient
  • Very big, difficult to handle, needs a kitchen

This coffee maker is ideal for your office, if you are looking for a no fuss approach to brewing delicious tasting coffee.

This coffee maker will fit perfectly into a small office as it is really stylish and really easy to carry around.

It contains a 10 cup glass carafe, but most importantly this coffee maker produces coffee really, really fast.

This model features a quick-through technology that allows you to brew a whole pot of coffee at three and a half minutes. In addition, it pours really accurately, like a laser pointer directly to your cup pretty slick, not letting anything spill out and make a mess.

It also contains the perfect temperature at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, something that ensures that every cup will be really tasteful



  • Very fast brewing cycle
  • Pours accurately
  • It is backed by a three-year warranty
  • Stylish
  • Needs an external thermal carafe
  • Can produce only 10 cups at a brewing cycle
  • Pricey

This machine is perfect for an office that is full of caffeine lovers. This coffee maker has a great attribute, makes really great coffee.

It has a very precise temperature control. And the 1,400 watt heater that it contains might be the most powerful available in drip machines.

This model provides the perfect temperature and proper timing for brewing 8 cups for 5 to 6 minutes. This coffee maker, takes full ground saturations, not like the ordinary drip machines that pipe water over grounds in a narrow pattern.

The Bonavita 1800 uses shower heads which dispose over all the grounds for complete saturation. This machine is catered to the smaller office, as it makes up to 8 cups of coffee per brew cycle, and needs to be cleaned regularly. So if you need, get a couple more to meet the demands.



  • Great coffee
  • Comes with a thermal carafe
  • Complete saturation
  • Very nice stainless design
  • Produces only 8 cups of coffee, not a good choice for large offices
  • Needs cleaning regularly

Last but not least, the Barista Brain. This machine encompasses three things important before our dose of caffeine, simplicity and speed, and of course great taste.

It is also really aesthetically pleasant and if you are working for a tech company, then this coffee maker will suit perfectly in the environment.

If you are choosing purely on coolness this coffee maker would definitely be your top choice.

This machine looks like something from a trendy coffee shop and would impress any coffee connoisseur. This model also brews really fast at the perfect temperature completing a cycle for 9 cups at 5 and half minutes.  



  • Very nice design
  • Excellent coffee
  • A single button allows you to program the timer
  • Does not have a water filter
  • Pretty big, for the cups of coffee it produces per brewing cycle


Every coffee maker that I recommended above is a great choice for the workplace. Since every office differs in size and in the preferences of its employee, the perfect choice may be different of each one. Nevertheless, according to our standards of quality coffee, we have a clear winner among the mentioned coffee makers.

Who do we recommend you go with first? The Cuisinart DCC-1200

Let’s be honest, an office coffee maker doesn’t really need to be that stylish if it can produce – not just decent – but actually great coffee. After that meeting that dragged a couple of hours longer or when working hard to meet that dreadful deadline, aesthetics don’t matter much.

Cuisinart impressed as with its ability to program it and be automatically switched off – no more extra costs on power! On top of that, thanks to its quality materials, it produces even better-tasting coffee than the other coffee makers on the list.

To sum this up, an office coffee maker is a great addition to the workplace and choosing one that makes a coffee that can be described with an adjective better than “average” then you are on the win as a boss or manager. Nevertheless, whichever machine you decide on, it will certainly have a positive effect on the office productivity.

Having said all that, if you want to really step up your office coffee game, check the following video:

Coffee Hacks for Your Office Cup of Joe

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