What Are The Best Thermal Coffee Makers?

best thermal coffee maker

While it is not of the most popular types of coffee makers, the thermal coffee makers is a great choice for busy people who want to have warm coffee available at all times but hate the taste of burnt coffee.

If you are one of those people and are actively looking to buy a thermal coffee maker, then these are what you want to know.

What’s The Difference Between Thermal Coffee Makers And Normal Coffee Makers?

Thermal coffee makers provide some unique features that normal drip-style coffee makers do not contain. The most apparent and most important for all the lovers of warm coffee is that the coffee is being brewed straight into a thermal carafe that goes along with the coffee maker which maintains the coffee warm and tasteful for up to 13 hours, without the need of a warming plate as with the usual coffee makers.

This provides multiple benefits regarding the aroma and the flavor of the coffee. A glass decanter that is sitting on a warming plate for hours affects the flavor of the coffee, as a lot of times the coffee is actually getting burned and it has a not so pleasant, bitter taste.

The thermal carafe ensures that the coffee is kept hot and warm without affecting the flavor, aroma or taste. That means that people who would hate their coffee to taste bitter should take a really serious look at this type of coffee makers.

In addition, if you are fond of protecting the environment keep in mind that these machines help save some energy as there’s no electricity used to keep the carafe warm.

Another huge advantage of this type of coffee maker is that it can improve your everyday breakfast routine. So, whenever you are having breakfast you are able to bring the thermal decanter to the table, and enjoy as many cups of warm coffee as you wish, without having to go to the kitchen every time you or someone else needs a refill.

5 Best Thermal Coffee Makers You Should Look At

Finding a thermal coffee maker that will be perfect for you is not an easy task, as there are multiple models that make great coffee and implement all the great attributes the thermal coffee makers promise to deliver.

For that reason, it was a really difficult mission to find the five best available models on the market to present to you. If you are actively looking to buy a Thermal Coffee Maker, these are the best available options.

This is a really solid unit and a great choice for any kitchen. It has multiple features which ensure that you get a great coffee experience.

First, it has a mechanism on the top of the thermal decanter that keeps the oxygen out, so the flavor of your coffee is never degraded.

Moreover, it provides a “brew pause” feature, so if you are really impatient to get your favorite coffee and you do not want to wait till the whole pot is done brewing, during the brewing cycle you can remove the carafe, pour a cup of coffee and put it back to continue the brewing cycle.

In addition, it is fully programmable, so you can program it to go off or on during any 24-hour period. That means that if you prefer to have your coffee ready before you go to work in the morning, program it to go on and you’ll be all set.

The other great thing it contains is that it has a one to four cup setting which actually adjusts the way the coffee maker brews, so you always getting a great tasting coffee, no matter if you are making 1 or 10 cups.



  • Fully programmable
  • Brew pause, that allows you to get the first cup immediately
  • Self-Cleaning function
  • Adjustable brewing
  • The high pitch sound when the brewing is done

This unit measures 14 and a quarter inches tall, 9 inches wide and 11 inches deep.

It is a tall machine, so make sure that a Thermal Coffee Maker this tall and this big is suitable and appropriate for your kitchen.

The design is beautiful; it has a clean sleek modern look with black and stainless steel, so if you have space in your kitchen and you like modern design it will be a perfect fit. The unit comes with a removable water reservoir that holds up to 10 cups; each cup is measured at 5 ounces, plus there are markings on the reservoir.

The minimum you can brew is 2 cups, there is a minimum line in the water reservoir and there is also a maximum line of 10 cups. If you are wondering how to know how long it takes to have your coffee ready, there is a brew light that flashes during the whole brewing cycle indicating that the coffee is being brewed.

Also, there is a brew timer under the clock display that turns on when brewing starts, which lets you know how fresh your coffee is and how long it’s been sitting on the plate. When the brewing is over, you will hear three beeps that will remind you that your coffee is ready to serve.



  • Blue light indicating that the coffee is being brewed
  • Removable water reservoir, with indicators for the ratios of water/cups you wish to make
  • Brew Pause Function
  • Really big machine, difficult to fit in a small kitchen
  • Might be difficult to clean

This model has a great design and will keep your coffee hot for hours preserving fresh taste and flavor.

It can be used as tabletop serving as the exterior stays cool to the touch and is really easy to handle.

Also, it makes a truly great and tasteful coffee as the innovative even stream showerhead, maximizes water distribution of your favorite coffee grounds for premium flavor extraction.

Moreover, the 10-cup thermal carafe stays airtight while its unique design prevents drips and spills for no-mess pouring, plus the specially designed wide mouth opening makes for easy cleaning.

This unit is really friendly to the user as it has the option if you don’t want to make coffee for a full carafe, to select the 1 to 4 cup brew option that maintains the full flavor of a full brew.

In addition, it is fully programmable and the digital interface allows you to schedule your brew for any hour of the day.



  • Fully programmable
  • Great design
  • 1-4 cup brew option
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Five
  • Does not brew at the perfect temperature that is 205 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Does not have an automatic shut off when the pot is full

This unit is a really great coffee maker for serious caffeine lovers.  First, it has a very big removable water tank which is pretty easy to use.

Another cool thing is that it has a large thermal carafe that will keep the coffee hot for well over half a day, at 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

No other thermal carafe can keep coffee so hot for so many hours. It also brews at the optimal temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, something that guarantees that you will get a flavorful and tasteful coffee.

The problem is that despite the flavor it takes a considerable amount of time to actually brew, probably a deal breaker for someone who is usually eager to get that first cup of coffee.



  • Really great coffee
  • Optimal brewing temperature
  • Really fancy design
  • Pricey
  • Takes too much time to finish brewing

If you are looking for a Thermal Coffee Maker that has traditional looks, is really easy to use, and makes coffee that tastes great, then this machine is perfect for you.

It is a bit pricey, but it has some features that no other Thermal Coffee Maker provides.

The most impressive is the internal heating system that it uses, which allows you to decide how warm you want your coffee to be, from regular to extra hot.

Moreover, it allows you to monitor your coffee’s freshness with the fresh brew timer which displays the amount of elapsed time since the coffee was brewed and it has large buttons that are easy to find on those early mornings.



  • Great Design
  • Internal Heating system
  • Very tasteful coffee
  • A bit pricey
  • Not very easy to clean


Final Choice

It is really difficult to choose one between those great Thermal Coffee Makers, and the final choice as you understand always contains a subjective element.

Nevertheless, I believe that the Cuisinart DCC-1150BK Thermal Coffee Maker can perfectly satisfy everything you need from your coffee maker. Despite the annoying sound that it makes when the brewing is finished, it provides everything I need and more, regarding the taste of the coffee, the time it takes to brew and how easy it is to clean, thanks to its self-cleaning function.

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