What Are The Best Jura Coffee Machines?

jura coffee machines

JURA’s sophisticated, modern coffee makers may impress even the most discerning coffee drinkers. With their award-winning designs that are both durable and elegant, an impressive range of built-in options, and simple operation, JURA is committed to helping you make an exceptional cup of coffee at home every day.

Named after the mountains surrounding their headquarters, JURA is dedicated to continuing to produce their long streak of reliable, innovative coffee makers.

Their coffee makers are designed to make it effortless for consumers to enjoy high-quality, superior tasting coffee, without the need for a coffee shop.

Why Should You Choose A Jura Coffee Maker?

JURA is a Swiss company based in the Jura mountains of the Canton of Solothurn in Switzerland, founded in 1931 formally as JURA Elektroapparate AG. They have been a leading contender in the household appliance industry.

More importantly, they have been known as an innovative leader in the automatic espresso and coffee machine sector since the mid-1980’s. Talk about a credible track record.

Now recognized globally, JURA’s semi-professional coffee makers have become a more accessible choice for homes around the world.

Although JURA creates a wide range of coffee makers for home or commercial use, JURA’s core product line is automatic coffee machines, commonly known as single-serve coffee machines. This is in an effort not only to reduce packaging or energy waste but also to deliver an impeccable tasting coffee.

Their automatic coffee machines don’t hold JURA back from offering attractive features. Such as filter replacement detection, and even smartphone compatibility. In this way, the JURA brand shines where many single-serve coffee machines today are limited to a single button design, without much - or any - control over your brewing process or results.

What We Think Are The 5 Best JURA Coffee Makers

Choosing the biggest among giants ain’t going to be easy, but we will try anyway.

This durable coffee maker features a generous 81oz water tank and ten programmable coffee strength options.

It has a convenient built-in coffee bean grinder, which helps to produce the freshest possible cup of coffee.


This great for those looking to limit the need to keep extra coffee brewing accessories on hand. It may also be an excellent choice for those who enjoy variety as it brews specialty coffees such as espresso and ristretto, and has a built-in milk frother for café au lait or cappuccinos.

The milk frother also has separate programmable temperature options for frothed or steamed milk.

The parts of this coffee machine are easy to remove for cleaning and, for more regular maintenance, there are built-in cleaning cycles and filter replacement detection to help you ensure full, untainted tasting coffee at home.

This coffee maker has a simple touch-button design, and its unique commercial-grade pulse extraction brewing process is designed to optimise the brewing and extraction process for the ultimate coffee aroma and flavor. This coffee maker may just deliver the same pure coffee taste you would expect from your local coffee shop.



  • Barista-grade brewing system
  • Automatic filter replacement detection
  • The temperature for the milk frother may not be hot enough for some

This well-equipped coffee maker has a built-in, air-tight, coffee grinder which can hold up to 4oz of coffee beans while keeping them fresh.

The coffee spout can brew either a single or double serving of your favourite coffee.

It is also height adjustable, which may be great for groups or families who enjoy different serving sizes at different times.

With its simple touch panel design, this coffee maker can also brew specialty coffees, like ristretto or espresso, as easily as a cup of coffee.

Whichever type of coffee you choose to brew, this coffee will both grind and brew your favourite blend consistently. All these while allowing you to set the strength and water volume to your preference.

Due to its carafe-less design, this coffee maker has a small footprint, which is ideal for anyone contending with a small kitchen or coffee area.



  • Rotating coffee spout allows you to brew one or two cups at a time
  • Touch panel operation
  • Built-in coffee grinder
  • Cannot brew a carafe, not ideal for groups
  • The spout is up to 4.4” tall, which may be too short for some

With a smart and function-filled design, this coffee maker can be adjusted from 2.6 up to 4.4 inches for different size cups, and various brewing options.

Including a foam frother, this coffee maker can make a wide variety of speciality coffees.

Enclosed in a simple and modern yet durable design, this high-tech coffee maker has a built-in conical coffee grinder for your favourite blend.

It has a surprisingly small footprint, is easy to clean, and is extremely simple to use.

It includes a height-adjustable coffee spout to accommodate different mug sizes. Settings can be easily adjusted with touch controls, helping you make your perfect cup of coffee in little time. You would find this helpful for busy people or families.

The display conveniently shows users when and what cleaning or maintenance are required, helping you keep your coffee tasting pure each time.



  • Small footprint
  • Built-in display to prompt you when maintenance is needed
  • Quiet operation
  • Removable parts make this machine easy to rinse
  • Not ideal for groups (cannot brew more than two servings at once)
  • Steaming milk with the milk frother may be messy

This energy-efficient coffee maker is simple to operate. In addition, both the coffee and milk spouts are height adjustable.

Which is excellent for those who enjoy different brews or serving sizes.

This coffee maker has an efficient and extraordinarily quiet built-in coffee grinder. This is great for early mornings and late nights.

Versatile with grinder settings from fine to coarse, and integrated brew strength and heat settings. This coffee maker may be an excellent choice for even the most discerning coffee maker.

Although its spotlight is brewing consistently delicious coffee, it has multiple settings for beverages. Brewing from your ideal coffee, latte, cappuccino, or another hot beverage caffeine boost at any time of day.

With a sleek design, this coffee maker is built using high-quality, durable materials. Which is great insurance for those might be a little bit harsh on their coffee brewing equipment.



  • Energy-efficient unit
  • Easy to operate and to clean
  • Ready-to-brew design
  • Generously sized water tank (over 60oz)
  • The coffee grinder can only accommodate 1-2 scoops of coffee
  • The milk frother may not be hot enough for some

This coffee maker is built to brew your favorite blend to your preference at the touch of a button.

The height adjustable coffee spout can generously be adjusted up to about six inches, which is excellent for those who enjoy a larger serving of coffee.

The integrated conical coffee grinder is not only powerful but has six power levels to quickly and finely grind your coffee. The burrs are made of stainless steel, which is excellent for affordability when it comes time to replace them.

This coffee maker conveniently senses if you are using ground coffee rather than coffee beans. It is packed with beneficial functions like adjustable brewing temperature, water volume, and coffee strength, and a built-in milk frother. 

The coffee maker features a rinsing, cleaning, and descaling program, which is excellent for those looking for a low-maintenance coffee maker. Additionally, convenient functions like adjustable water hardness, a graphic display, and even a built-in integrated storage compartment.

Overall, this coffee maker may be an excellent choice for couples or families with different coffee brewing and taste preferences.



  • Built-in coffee grinder with adjustable power levels
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Multi-level, and multiple power level grinder
  • Cleaning and maintenance status display
  • Large footprint
  • Can only brew one or two servings at once

Final Pick

The JURA brand has proven their capability to build their coffee makers with their consumers in mind. It is clear that JURA’s coffee makers are full of useful functions that help make brewing tasty coffee at home effortless.

While these five coffee makers are all quite sophisticated, the JURA Z6 is our choice.

Bringing commercial quality hardware and exceptional coffee flavor home, this coffee maker is built to last, without sacrificing user-friendly and time-saving bells and whistles. High-quality equipment that produces outstanding coffee is a standard for the JURA brand

JURA’s coffee machines offer both practicality and modern, sleek style, whichever JURA coffee maker you choose for your household may transform your daily coffee experience.

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