A Complete Study Of The Keurig K155 

keurig k155 review

Are you tired of basically emptying your bank account every single day at your local coffee shop or Starbucks? Yes, we absolutely understand you. Most of us can't get our day going without a hot cup of coffee.

But, spending so much money on just an average or plain burnt coffee is appalling. So, is there a solution to it? The answer to that is yes.

All you need is a good quality coffee maker machine. While the options on the market are endless, we make things easier for you by doing an in-depth review of the Keurig K155 in this article.

What’s Up With The K155?

The Keurig K155 is actually an upgraded version of the Keurig K150.

The company took in all of the criticism and suggestions of the predecessor and created a whole new coffee maker machine as per what coffee users exactly would like.

While we will list the features more in detail below, there are some top features that make this coffee maker stand out from all of its competitors.

Some of amazing features include:

The fact that this coffee maker can brew coffee very quickly. It was a known fact that its predecessor was capable of producing amazing coffee quite quickly. The company has taken this feature up a notch by providing the user with a piping hot and flavorful coffee in just under a minute. This is the kind of feature very few coffee makers possess.

It is important for a coffee machine to be built well especially when you spend a lot of money on it. Very few coffee makers are as reliable as the Keurig K155. This machine is one of the most durable ones on the market and has an extremely strong built which ensures that the machines last you for a long time.

Lastly, this coffee maker comes with an auto on/off feature. You may think what is so special about this feature, but this is typically reserved for an extremely high end and expensive coffee makers. In a hurry, we often tend to forget to turn the machine off. The machine will automatically turn off when it senses no activity for a period of time.



  • Extremely durable machine and constructed quite well
  • Created keeping in mind for heavy usage, especially in high traffic environments
  • Quite a wide range of the temperature control
  • Quite a wide range of the temperature control
  • The machine works with most brands and K-Cups
  • Multiple languages support
  • Works with a direct water line connection too
  • Has a very large water reservoir
  • Capable of brewing your coffee in under a minute
  • Has a removable drip tray
  • When you first start using the coffee maker, there is a chemical odor that comes out of it
  • There is no option on the machine to control the strength of the coffee


Features and benefits

1. Dimensions

The Keurig K155 is 13.25 (H) x 12.25 (D) x 9.5 (W) inches and it weighs just about 18 pounds. It may be slightly on the heavier side, but it can still be carried around easily and the overall size of the machine is perfect and definitely not cumbersome. However, do note that when you fully open the K-Cup chamber on this machine, the height goes all the way up to 16 inches.

2. Design

The color and design of a coffee maker are as important as its functionality, as it serves as a style statement. The coffee maker machine has a simple yet elegant design. It is optic silver in the front while black on the back. There aren't too many frills attached to it either and is easy to use.

3. Programmable Options

The machine comes with programmable options on it so that you can exactly tailor the kind of coffee you like, along with the size of the brew and the desired time as well, and thereafter with the touch of just a button you will get the exact same coffee every single time.

4. Water Connection

One feature that stands out for us is the fact that you are given the option to directly install a water connection line into this coffee maker. This makes refilling the reservoir a whole lot easier.

We recommend using this option if you use this coffee maker in an environment that has consistently high traffic, like at a restaurant or an office or even a college campus. You may need to call up your plumber in order to fix a direct water line connection.

Although the direct water connection is advantageous when you use this coffee maker, it is an optional step that you won't necessarily need to do. For instance, if you intend to use this coffee maker at home, it would not be essential for you to have a direct water line in this coffee maker.

5. Reservoir

The Keurig K155 has an extremely large water reservoir which measures 90 ounces. This capacity is perfect large families. On an average, the 90-ounce reservoir will provide you with on an average up to 18 cups of beverages.

The reservoir sort of has a triangle shape and fits in on the side that is near the control panel. This can be removed quite easily to fill it using the water source or there is a lid too if you wish to pour the water from a jug or a pitcher.

6. Controls

To use and control the Keurig K155 is quite simple. All of the functionality can be accessed from the LCD touchscreen placed on the machine's front panel. The on/off switch is placed on the left side near the back of the machine.

Right under the touchscreen panel is the brew button. The touchscreen will show some brief tips, guidance and even the status of the coffee. While the brew is in progress the screen displays a coffee related animation.

The screen also views the time and you can choose between English, Spanish and French too for language support.

7. Brew Sizes and Temperature Control

All in all, you can choose from four brew sizes which include four, six, eight and ten ounces. There is also a temperature control feature. The machine offers you a range of 188 F to 198 F.

What Are The Unique Advantages K155 Have?

When we compared the Keurig K155 to a couple of other coffee maker machines, we must say that this machine did not fail to impress us.

For starters, we compared this machine to the K55 model from the same brand. There are just three brew sizes to choose from and the water reservoir capacity is lesser in comparison.

When compared to Hamilton Beach coffee maker, this machine has two separate reservoirs, however, the capacity combined is still lesser than the Keurig K155.

Lastly, it is capable of producing far more quantity of coffee and much quicker when we compared it to Aicok Coffee Maker.

All in all, there are areas where K155 edges out. But your call.


The Keurig K155 comes with amazing features, some good capabilities and its color and design is simply marvelous. This coffee maker is perfect whether you want to use it at home or if you want to use it in a commercial setting thanks to the direct water line connection capability.

The machine is very reliable and powerful and will easily produce about 18 cups of coffee on an average with the 90-ounce reservoir capacity. While there may be a couple of downsides, it is certainly cannot outweigh all of its pluses.

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