A Complete Study Of The Keurig K560

keurig k560 review

Having coffee is a habit most of us can't get rid of. In fact, waking up and having the first sip of coffee can really make or break the day for us. Which is why the quality of the coffee is of utmost importance. If you brew your coffee at home, you can spend a ton of money buying the finest quality of coffee beans.

But, that would not matter unless you have an excellent quality coffee maker as well. A good quality coffee maker plays a vital role in the quality of coffee it provides.

Hence, in this article, we will be reviewing the Keurig K560.

What’s Up With The Keurig K560?

Whenever a product is an upgraded version of a previous product, it is (in most cases) a far superior model.

This is the case with the Keurig K560 too. The Keurig K560 is the upgraded model of the company's K550.

While the products share very similar designs and also share some common features, the company has improved certain features on the K560 making it a better choice between the two.

K560 image

Between both the coffee makers, they share similar features like an 80-ounce water reservoir, a quick and single brew system, K-Carafe and K-Cup pod scanner and both are capable of brewing different kinds of beverages with the touch of just a single button.

In terms of the differences, the K560 is definitely larger and a bit heavier to accommodate some new features in comparison to the K550. The K560 comes with features like auto on/off and programmable auto brews which lack in the K550.

Lastly, the K550 comes only with a limited number of accessories such as six K-Cup pods and four K-Carafe pods. On the other hand, the K560 model comes with significantly more accessories, which we have mentioned in detail in the 'features' section below.



  • Extremely well built and durable coffee machine
  • Large water reservoir
  • Comes with a hot water setting
  • Use standard K-Cups and large carafe packs
  • Comes with multiple options in the menu
  • The menu has a simple, clean and user-friendly interface
  • Comes with amazing features like auto on/off and energy saver options
  • Has nightlight and light color modes
  • Easy maintenance of the cup chamber
  • The coffee maker occasionally malfunctions
  • The time does not stay correct
  • Can occasionally get clogged


Features and benefits

1. Dimensions and Design 

The Keurig K560 is a perfectly shaped and sized coffee maker that will certainly not take up too much space on your kitchen counter. In terms of its size, the length of it is 23 inches, the width is 16 inches and the height is about 13 inches. It does not weight too much either. The machine weighs about 17.6 pounds.

The look and design of a coffee maker are as important as its functionality. So, when it comes to this coffee maker's design, the company has gone above and beyond for it. It has a very compact design. The machine is black in color with optic silver accents. The display is on the top right at the front of the machine, making it easily accessible.

2. Reservoir

The Keurig K560 sports an 80-ounce water reservoir and in addition, it features the Keurig's latest carafe brewing with the carafe pods that will allow the user to brew as many as four cups at any given time.

3. Pod Scanner

An interesting feature that comes with the Keurig K560 is the pod scanner. The pod scanner basically means that when you insert a pod in the machine, it will automatically scan the barcode that is printed on the lid so that it can verify whether the pod is approved by Keurig.

If no, it will reject the pod and keep your machine safe from any damage. On the other hand, if it gets approved, the machine will then begin to calibrate itself to brew optimally with that particular pod.

This is a fantastic feature as it elevates the Keurig coffee maker experience to a whole different level of high quality of automatic.

4. Display And Programmability

The Keurig K560 gives you quite a few options when it comes to your daily brewing needs. By that, we mean that they include a far superior and sharper design with a very accommodating display and other features.

The K560 comes with an LED display along with night lights that are housed in the reservoir. This night light is completely customizable. So, you can change the ebb and the flow of the glow in order to match to the timing of the day.

In addition to that, there is also an auto brew feature along with the option of choosing the strength of the brew, hot water on demand and a clock that is programmable. There is also an auto on/off feature to ensure maximum safety at all times in case you forget to switch off the machine.

An interesting feature when it comes to the programmability of this coffee machine is that it can create different styles of hot beverages such as hot tea and even hot cocoa. But what takes the cake is something called the 'favorites' setting.

This setting will allow you to set and save your desired settings on the machine so that the next time when you access the machine for that particular desired brew you can do so with the click of just a button.

5. Accessories

The Keurig K560 comes with 48 K-Cup pods and four K-Carafe pods when you buy it. Assuming you drink once daily, this will easily last you over a month. There is also a water filter kit that comes with a filter.

Additionally, the coffee machine comes with a brewer needle maintenance too. This is essential as the brewing needle does tend to get dirty too often and needs to be cleaned so that it does not contaminate the coffee.

These are quite a few accessories with one single machine that not many brands tend to offer.

What Are The Unique Advantages Of THe K560

We decided to compare the Keurig K560 to multiple products for you all to have a fair idea why the product is a better choice amongst its counterparts.

We first compared the coffee machine to the Krups EC311 Coffee Machine. This machine offers a very basic operation where K560 offers more features. So K560 for people who wants more features and no frills EC311 for the those that wants to get the job done.

We took it a step further and compared it to the popular Cuisinart DCC-1200 Coffeemaker. Cuisinart is an excellent machine as we all know. The edge that K560 in this case is the sheer amount of coffee capacity. So K560 for those that needs to entertain larger audience.

Lastly, we compared it to the Capresso MT60. The machine does have quite a few similarities with the K560. K560 inches out slightly in the area of accessories and features such as the night light. So your choice.


The Keurig K560 is an excellent and quick single brew style coffee maker which includes the new features like the carafe brewing.

The extra-large 80-ounce water reservoir is simply fantastic and the pod scanner inbuilt will ensure that only Keurig approved pods are used in the machine and saving it from damage from other lower quality pods. Lastly, it has a sleek and modern design which makes it even great to look at.

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