25 Telltale Signs Of Coffee Addiction

Addicted To Coffee, signs of coffee addiction

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. A lot of that is down to its taste, as many people find joy from the vast amount of flavors you can find. They can also find joy in the various ways it can be brewed and trying to find your favorite cup.

It could be thought that they just need the buzz it brings, and feel like they need a cup of coffee to function. There are many signs that you could be addicted to coffee, and here we take a look at them.

1. Muscle Spasms When You’ve Not Had A Coffee

If you’re addicted to coffee then it could well be due to the amount of caffeine that is in the drink. When you have a high intake of caffeine, it can cause withdrawal symptoms which include muscle spasms. Frequent spasms after not having coffee for a while could be a sure sign.

2. Your Coffee Shop Knows Your Order

Your Coffee Shop Knows Your Order

Coffee shops have changed the way that we think about coffee and how we consume it. If you’re a coffee addict then you may frequent the same coffee shop time and time again. If they automatically know your order, then you’re probably going there too much.

3. You Become Irritable Without It

You Become Irritable Without It

One of the major downsides to a coffee addiction, or any addiction, is the effect that it can have on other people. If someone is dependent on coffee then they can often become very irritable and anxious without it. People shouldn’t notice when you’ve not had your coffee.

4. Blood Pressure Drops Without It

Blood Pressure Drops Without It

Your body needs to know what you’re putting into it and it tries to regulate the right amounts for you. Having a large intake of anything can disrupt this, and caffeine is no exception. Is your body is dependent on that, then it can adversely affect your blood pressure.

5. Temperature Fluctuates Without Caffeine

Temperature Fluctuates Without Caffeine

One of the other symptoms of caffeine withdrawal is the disrupting your body’s ability to regulate its own temperature. Without that hit of caffeine, your body won’t know how to react. Random changes in body temperature are a sure signal of coffee addiction.

6. The Inability To Sleep

The Inability To Sleep

It’s well known that coffee can affect sleep as it gives you that buzz of energy that you need throughout the day. The effects of coffee, however, last for a long time and that means by the time it comes to go to sleep, your body can still be affected meaning you can’t get the rest you need.

7. Have Coffee When You Shouldn’t

Have Coffee When You Shouldn’t

Coffee is a great drink when it is drunk in moderation, but often that can become a dependency. A lot of people drink it when they need an extra bit of energy, but if you’re having excess cups when you shouldn’t be then it could be a sign of having an addiction.

8. You Become Tired Without It

You Become Tired Without It

A lot of people turn to a cup of coffee when they’re tired, as it can be a great boost. If you become reliant though you could find that you’re only ever tired without coffee, even after a good sleep. It’s always a better idea to cut down on the caffeine and get more rest.

9. Can’t Concentrate

Can’t Concentrate

Caffeine is a drug, everyone knows that. While it may not have the dramatic effect of some well-known recreational drugs, it has those effects on a smaller scale. One of those is the inability to concentrate which can come from having too much caffeine in your system.

10. One Cup Is Never Enough

One Cup Is Never Enough

One cup of coffee should always be enough to keep you going for a while, and you should always limit the number of cups you’ve had. If you immediately find yourself needing another cup after you’ve just finished one, then that’s a sure sign you’re addicted.

11. The Only Thing That Gets You Out Of Bed

The Only Thing That Gets You Out Of Bed

Getting out of bed can be tough at the best of times, but many people repeatedly pressing that snooze button. If the first thing you think about when you get up if getting a coffee, and it’s the only things that gets you out of bed, then it may be a sign that you have a problem.

12. Will Drink A Bad Cup Just To Have Coffee

Will Drink A Bad Cup Just To Have Coffee

We’ve all been there where you’re presented with a cup of coffee, or you get one from a machine and it tastes terrible. Coffee is a drink that is meant to be enjoyed. If you feel the need to drink a cup just so you can get another cup into your system, then that’s not a great sign.

13. Cupboard Full Of Coffee

Cupboard Full Of Coffee

Some people just love coffee, and some people are so paranoid about running out that they will have their cupboards full of the same types of coffee. If your house is bursting with various different types of jars and bags of coffee then maybe you’re a bit of an addict.

14. Can’t Count The Cups You’ve Had In A Day

Can’t Count The Cups You’ve Had In A Day

There are various different beliefs about how many cups of coffee in a day is too much. Whatever the figure is, you should be able to count it. If it gets to the late afternoon and you don’t know how many cups you’ve had in a day, then it’s guaranteed that it’s too much.

15. If You’ve Tried To Quit And Failed

If You’ve Tried To Quit And Failed

The mark of any addict is when they have tried to quit having their drug of choice, and then failed to do so. Caffeine is no different and many people have made attempts to either cut down on their coffee intake or cut down altogether. Sometimes It’s a lot easier said than done.

16. If You Make Coffee Ice Cubes

If You Make Coffee Ice Cubes

For those that don’t have their coffee with a lot of milk you might hate the weight for it to cool down enough to drink. One way to help that would be to freeze your favorite coffee, but if you do that, it may show that you need your coffee a little too much.

17. Force Your Love Of Coffee On Others

Force Your Love Of Coffee On Others

You love coffee, most people around you might know that, but it doesn’t mean that they’re the same. Sometimes people can be too eager to force the things they like on other people, in the hope that they’ll love it too. Not everyone is a coffee addict.

18. Only Have It Your Way

Only Have It Your Way

Most people like their coffee a set way with a specific amount of coffee, milk and anything you might use to sweeten it. If you have gotten so used to the taste of your favorite brew, then having it any other way might throw you completely off.

19. Spend Too Much Money In Coffee Shops

Spend Too Much Money In Coffee Shops

Going to a coffee shop and having your favorite cup can be a great treat. Doing it three times a day though is going to be very expensive and all that adds up at the end of the month. Some people, however, still can’t resist temptation.

20. Lying About Coffee Use

Lying About Coffee Use

Having any kind of addiction can be embarrassing. You know how much you drink and you know how much is socially acceptable to do so. If you find yourself lying about the number of cups that you’ve had in a day, then you clearly have a problem.

21. Other People Start Mentioning It

Other People Start Mentioning It

When people start noticing your pattern of behavior, it can often towards being a bad sign. If you’re hearing things such as “Don’t you think that you’re drinking too much coffee?” then you probably are.

22. If You Feel Like You Can Only Function With Coffee

If You Feel Like You Can Only Function With Coffee

You shouldn’t be dependent on any drug unless it’s been prescribed by the doctor, and caffeine is not different. If you think that you can’t cope without your coffee, then it’s probably true, and that means you have an addiction.

23. Crave Coffee-Flavored Anything

Crave Coffee-Flavored Anything

Coffee isn’t just the warm drink these days. You can also get your iced coffee, as well as chocolate flavored ice cream and a variety of other different items. If you’re feeling guilty about having one too many cups, a coffee-flavored substitute might be the next best thing.

24. Causes You Headaches

Causes You Headaches

Perhaps the most serious consequence of in taking a huge amount of caffeine is the headaches that it can cause. Headaches can affect people in many different ways and a withdrawal of caffeine can easily bring about a serious headache.

25. Crave Coffee After Reading

Crave Coffee After Reading

People who crave certain foods and drinks can often be influenced by things that they read or hear. So if you’ve been reading this and all you can think about is grabbing your next cup of coffee, then you may well be addicted to popular drink.

You Are Addicted

Some of these signs are more serious than others, but caffeine addiction can be a serious problem if it goes on for too long.

Often the signs go unnoticed as they can creep up on you. If most of these items on the list apply to you, then serious efforts need to be made I reduce your caffeine intake.

The hit of coffee can be great when you need it, but it’s important to enjoy coffee great taste in moderation.

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